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Glad to be here!

Blogmantra has offered me to become a contributing author here, so I took no time in accepting it given the vast viewership of this blog.

In the near future I will keep posting my own thoughts, articles, musings–really random stuff which I feel needs a shout out.

and what better place to do it than here!

@BlogMantra – Ill do my best not to drive away traffic 🙂

Give me a visit at Randomly Organized.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I like writing it!


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City of God – Must Watch


A true story based around Cidade de Deus (City of God) , a housing project which becomes the most dangerous place in Rio De Janerio.The movie tells story of many characters (All through the eyes of a single narrator). This is a must watch movie (though in Portuguese language , with subtitles in English).  The tag line of the the movie is  “Fight and you’ll never survive , Run and you’ll never escape.” 

A definite 9/10

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Pig attacks Lion

Just watch


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