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Microsoft Postpones Windows 7 Release

Its ridiculous. Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) has delayed the release of the first public beta of Windows 7 due to heavy traffic, and is working on putting more networkinfrastructure in place to support demand, according to a Friday afternoon postto The Windows Blog.

What the hell were they doing all this while?

Brandon LeBlanc, a communications manager on the Windows ClientCommunications Team, said Microsoft is delighted by the overwhelming interest and will post an update to the blog once the additional capacity has been added and Windows 7 Beta 1 is ready for public downloads.

Scotch Tape on Live Search QnA suggests “I think we should all sue microsoft for health problems from staring at the screen and pressing F5”.


Lifehacker posted links  earlier Friday for your 32- and 64-bit PCs, with a few cursory instructions for installing the ISO files.

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