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Iphone Leaked Photos


Photo 1 : Austofocus feature of new Iphone


Photo 2: Compass


Photo 3 : Built in Voice Recording


Photo 4: Video recording capability

The blurry photos  posted Saturday at 3 a.m. local time by a Chinese website called UMPC Fever, translated here, 

“It’s already 3am, and I totally cannot sleep,” writes the anonymous poster. “I just came home after meeting a friend from the U.S. This friend brought me something, and it’s not H1N1. Instead, it is a item that will be under the world’s spotlights — a third generation iPhone prototype. This friend is a mysterious person. Even this 3rd Gen iPhone is also very mysterious. He said one can only take fuzzy snapshots of it, and not clear shots. ‘Cuz it’s still not officially released. So, in regards to the fuzzy photos below, I apologize!”

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