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11 responses to “Comment Policy

  1. Shirley

    A lovely email:
    This is a wonderful mail circulating in favour of RAJ Thackerey have a look
    We all should support Raj Thackeray and take his initiative ahead by doing more…
    1. We should teach our kids that if he is second in class, don’t study harder.. just beat up the student coming first and throw him out of the school
    2. Parliament should have only Delhiites as it is located in Delhi
    3. Prime-minister, president and all other leaders should only be from Delhi
    4. No Hindi movie should be made in Bombay. Only Marathi.
    5. At every state border, buses, trains, flights should be stopped and staff changed to local men
    6. All Maharashtrians working abroad or in other states should be sent back as they are SNATCHING employment from Locals
    7. Lord Shiv, Ganesha and Parvati should not be worshiped in our state as they belong to north (Himalayas)
    8. Visits to Taj Mahal should be restricted to people from UP only
    9. Relief for farmers in Maharashtra should not come from centre because that is the money collected as Tax from whole of India, so why should it be given to someone in Maharashtra?
    10. Let’s support kashmiri Militants because they are right to killing and injuring innocent people for benifit of there state and community……
    11. Let’s throw all MNCs out of Maharashtra, why should they earn from us? We will open our own Maharashtra Microsoft, MH Pepsi and MH Marutis of the world .
    12. Let’s stop using cellphones, emails, TV, foreign Movies and dramas. James Bond should speak Marathi
    13. We should be ready to die hungry or buy food at 10 times higher price but should not accept imports from other states
    14. We should not allow any industry to be setup in Maharashtra because all machinery comes from outside
    15. We should STOP using local trains… Trains are not manufactured by Marathi manoos and Railway Minister is a Bihari
    16. Ensure that all our children are born, grow, live and die without ever stepping out of Maharashtra, then they will become true Marathi’s

    This mail should somehow reach Raj Thackrey so forward it to as many ppl as possible.
    This mail needs to be read by all Indians.
    So please help in this cause.Keep Forwarding.

  2. Seldom I write comments but resource really cool

  3. 3yaJM8 Thanks for good post

  4. Anyone failing to satisfy any of these criteria would be deported immediately, without the possibility of appeal. ,

  5. Hey, this is my first time at your site so I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is James Alan, and this is the first post of yours I’ve read. Let me tell you, you made a good impression! I’ve added your RSS feed and will be anxiously waiting on your updates. In the mean time, I guess I’ll check out your archives to see what else I can learn from you. You’ll be hearing from me again!

  6. Hey, this is my first time at your site so I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is James Alan, and this is the first post of yours I’ve read. Let me tell you, you made a good impression! I’ve added your RSS feed and will be anxiously waiting on your updates. In the mean time, I guess I’ll check out your archives to see what else I can learn from you. You’ll be hearing from me again!

  7. bardelcorso

    Hello. I saw that you posted about having problems with a missing header when setting up your blog. I am having the same problem and wondering if you would let me know what you did to fix it.

    Thanks, Gina

  8. me ek marathi

    Actually !!!
    Just Read this :

    you must’ve heard about MSETCL (maharashtra state electricity transmission limited) is a company belongs to state government. As per government rule only Maharashtrian (People having domicile of Maharashtra state) can only be an employee of this company. but now a days it is observed that north Indian are also getting this employment. It is shameful for our State government. Ain’t our Maharashtra student’s eligible for this job? Recently around 375 person have been selected for the post of Jr. Engineer in MSETCL in which many are from UP, MP and Bihar. are these people are more eligible than our maharashrtrian students? No, it’s not like that. Corruption is in their blood. wherever they go, there is an increment in the corruption. where they are getting domicile from ? Can we go to their state and occupy their jobs ? Just once try this. you will find it difficult to do so. In Maharashtra, min. 35 Engg. colleges have Electrical engg. branch from which about 1750 students pass every year. Out of these at least 1500 students appear for MSETCL examination. Don’t you from 1500 atleast 500 student are good enough to get selected and they required outsiders to fulfill this requirement?
    This is only an example which burns the blood.
    you can confirm this figure @

    Please think about this and move a step forward through the law and rights.


  9. Yet another interesting posting, Much appreciated. I’ve scanned some other stuff around here and I like your style. Good show.

  10. Deepti Menon

    The letter written to Prime Minister was very genuine indeed…. But unfortunately,,,,i dont think our Prime Minister has considered our problems till now……… I really Love my country and its really sad when things mentioned in the letter takes place full on and theres no one to ask…………

  11. Dear Shree Uddhav Thackeray ,

    Congratulation in wining the election. I also appreciate your idea of involving citizens of Mumbai in making this city a good one. In this connection, it may also be a good idea to open one email address so that people from Mumbai can directly inform you about the problems they are facing. One could limit the page number (or number of words per letter) so that you get the information in crisp like telegraphic information.
    I would like to suggest some thing about the road repair work. I travel very day from Kalyan sheelphata (Nilje) to Ambernath via pipe line by my car. Since last several years I noticed that there are only few certain pockets where the road gets damaged every year. These places are almost same every year. This means that there is some thing wrong with the foundation of the road at these places. Unless the foundation is not corrected, every year we shall have the same problem of road repair. I would suggest that some civil engineers who are qualified for such work (may be some professor of civil engineering dept of IIT Bombay) may be requested to examine these pockets so that once the foundation’s repair of the road is done it will last for a longer period.
    I feel that it is not only the fault of the contractors that the roads are getting bad after every monsoon. I think it is because we have not been examining the condition of the road where pot holes are found every year. I am sure if such examination is done and the foundation of the these places are properly made, we shall not have the problem of the road repair every year.

    Thanking you to spare some time for this letter.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Maheshwar Sharon
    Retd Prof from IIT Bombay,
    Research Director
    NSNRC of Nanotechnology & Bionanotechnology,
    SICES Degree College, Ambernath (W)

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