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Spiritual IPhone App from RoboSoft

Must have for a true goddess durga devotee . All you need to do is open the app and chant along. Slokas and its meaning in Hindi and English provide a wholesum religious and spiritual experience. (Click here for the app)

The chalisa (prayer) is presented in pictorial form and includes durga chalisa audio. Swipe gestures allows forward and rewind .

Another part of this Application , “Durga Aarti” lets the devotee perform Puja starting with touching the bell. It lets the devotee  light lamp , shower flower on goddess , apply tilak and offer fruits. “Aarti Guide” offers step by step instructions on how to perform aarti.

Perhaps the developer can add additional language support in Bengali , Oriya.

Click here for AppStore Link


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Iphone Application Review Request

If you would like BlogMantra to review a particular application for you , then please send an email to

Please note:

  • If your application costs money,you will be required to provide a free copy,  via promo code.
  • Submitting a request doesn’t guarantee that Blogmantra will review the app.
  • Please mention the Application name , Development Company/Individual name , Appstore Category in the request

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Barack Obama is not immune to the charms of a nice bottom

O La La

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At the G8 summit in Italy, he was snapped apparently checking out the perfect curves of a young lady.

And French President Nicolas Sarkozy (54) was looking on in amusement… Oh là là, Monsieur le Président!

So who was the lady in red who caught the eye of Obama – or should that be O-BUM-a?

Her name is Mayora Tavares, she is 16 and she comes from Brazil.

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Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch Ghost Video

Watch here

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Stand up to Fly , Pay to Pee …Whats Next?

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary wants passengers to stand on the budget airline’s flights, in a bid to pack in more people and boost profits.

Passengers would pay less to huddle next to what have been described as “bar stools”, with seatbelts around their waists.  He is now hoping to get the go-ahead from the Irish Aviation Authority before ordering a new fleet. A Ryanair spokesman said: “If they approve it, we’ll be doing it.”

This is the same airline which is planning to make customers pay for using their toliet.

Comment written by  “The Voice” says “Next he will suggest peddles so the passengers can help power the plane and save him the cost of fuel.”

Read the original story here

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