Mumbai Attack – HelpLine Numbers


+44 2070080000 (UK),

011-2419228 (Delhi),

Taj: 00800 4588 1825 (rest of the world),

US & Canada: 1866 969 1825

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One response to “Mumbai Attack – HelpLine Numbers

  1. Ajantha

    I am a Sri Lankan based in UK.
    Being from a country LTTE Terror is day to day life,
    I whole heartedly with Indian general public, and any one against terror.

    We in Sri lanka Sunbjected to this kind of attacks day in day out.For indians this may be the first, and wish this is the last.No one wants to see lives being lost due to any terror.

    I see 3 lessons for the world from this

    1 )Terror is terror, there is no color, ethnic or religious back ground, thier world is killing, for their survival or future

    countries like UK, in colonial age contributed to the seprations of countries, such a powerfull Indian continent now have 2 countries,and mostly donot look like friends.UK feed to grow terrorism in the name of human rights (eg, LTTE of Sri Lanka, or any refugees fleeing from troubled countries.We must learn from mistakes , dont give terrorists human rights, as they dont understand it .Stop feeding Terrorists in your backyard, which is aiming to kill people in another country(LTTE had hero day Excell London , british authorties kep quiet, funny enough the Britsh members of parliment attended , looking at it in humanitarion eye(at terror), What British tax payers doesnt know is their money is used to fund the well being of these terror supportes, as 99% of them are political refugees)

    India trained LTTE with RAW and , LTTE killed thier beloved leader Rajiv Ghandi

    Brits let the immigrants to come to UK, with out knowing the impact on society and becuase of thier generousness, ended up getting thier own people attacked in 7/7, home grown terror

    2) India is knows for its ability to counter , the mighty militory.Take a look at this extraction from Defenswire , who reports on Srilankan Operations against terror.

    “Indian Commando Operations

    The response to terror by Indian intelligence, counter terrorism and the elite Black Cats is an absolute disgrace to all armies in the world. It took 12 hours for the Commandos to be deployed and four days and counting for the Commandos to completely destroy the terrorists.

    We have one thing to tell the Indians. WE HATE WHAT YOU DID TO SRI LANKA BUT THANK YOU FOR CREATING A HIGHLY CAPABLE ANTI TERRORISM FORCE IN SRI LANKA WHICH IS SECOND TO NONE– NOT EVEN YOURS. If your Black Cats cannot do it, we will– if you want us to.

    We remember in 2001, when the Katunayake airbase and civilian airport came under a similar LTTE attack, the Sri Lanka Army’s Commando Regiment responded to that challenge with flying colours. The then Army Commander told the CO of the Commandos at 10pm that day to clear the airbase of terrorists and secure the entire area TWICE before his arrival at 1.00am.

    “There were many attacks of this nature in Sri Lanka. Some of the noteworthy ones include the attack on the Sri Maha Bodhi, the attack an LTTE team launched at Rajagiriya and later from inside the Serpentine Flats, the attack inside the Lake House newspaper company, the Anuradhapura Airbase attack and more recently, the Vavuniya airbase attack.

    Finally I wish fast recovery to those who suffered, and condolences to the innocent soft targeted civilians.

    Do not feed terrorists, and let them grow in your backyard.World will be a quite green with out the blood and thirst of terrorists, not matter where they are…

    help each other to fight terrorism …!

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