SUNLED at India’s definitive conference on renewable energy investments



Mr. Hari Chereddi, Managing Director, SUNLED Technologies was invited to present at the prestigious 3rd Renewable Energy Finance Forum organized by Euromoney – Held at Mumbai on 20th & 21st November 2008. He was speaking on ‘Applying Energy Efficiency business models to Solar Technology.



India’s accelerated economic growth has in turn generated an ever increasing demand for energy, and opportunities in the domestic market for renewable energy generation are plentiful. The 3rd REFF-India was a unique forum for discussions between technologists, decision makers, investors and financiers. The diverse speaker faculty featured high-level government officials, leading technology manufacturers and project developers, and key financial institutions operating in the Indian renewable energy sector.

Key topics that were discussed:

·         The latest policy developments impacting the Indian renewable energy sector

·         Present and future outlook on finance and project structures

·         Attractive investment opportunities in wind, solar and bio-energy

·         Finance and project structures for demand-side sustainability

·         Opportunities in scaling up technology manufacturing for export purposes

·         Carbon finance and CDM project investment opportunities

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One response to “SUNLED at India’s definitive conference on renewable energy investments

  1. Anil Earla

    I know Hari for more than a decade and really apprecaite the mettle to take up venturesome tasks and achieve them successfully.

    He was very excited when he got an invite to present at the REFF summit and now everybody acknowledges the fact that his presence was helpful to share knowledge, along with other experts from the industry.

    I wish all the success for his future deeds.

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