Palin’s future causes Republican rift

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5 responses to “Palin’s future causes Republican rift

  1. E. Monroe

    Why does Palin support a Marxis group Alaskan Independant Party who’s motto is “ I’m an Alaskan, not an American I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions”. She gave the opening speech at their convention and husband Todd is a member.

  2. Dan Sichel

    Trust the Republicans to get it exactly wrong. Finally there is a populist voice that stands for something so OhmyGosh! Dump Sarah she’s not inclusive. The stupid party is so inclusive it stands for nothing and therefore nobody will stand for it. I say bring on Sarah, dump the Bush cabal (can we IMPEACH Karl Rove somehow for something? Please? I know he’s not actually elected, but a criminal trial just seems so weak after what he has done).

    I am a dyed in the wool conservative and I love Sarah’s honesty, her willingness to take on Dems, Republicans and BIG OIL in her home state. Anybody besides me notice her loud silence about Ted Stevenson? He deserves to go away and I think Sarah is cheering.

    So bring back conservatism, win in Iraq, let the big banks go belly up and save the $700billion, and the Republican party in the process.

  3. Leslie Kratz

    Sarah Palin is the one of the major reasons that John McCain will lose this election… and it’s probably not going to be close. I have spent the last two months canvassing independent voters for the presidential election and an overwhelming majority of the people I have talked to cite their concern that Sarah Palin is absolutely unqualified and too inexperienced to serve as President of the United States as a principle reason they will not vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. She is in over her head and the notion that the Republican Party doesn’t get this… does not bode well for the Republican Party in this election or coming elections. Can they really be that far out-of-touch?

  4. Spare me McCain's Change

    Palin is setting herself up to be the frontrunner in 4 years – she is ambitious, ladder-climbing and that is enough in some circles. But what if she is impeached by Alaska in the meantime? What if her husband didn’t really build that house with his buddies, but had help from the contractors that built the hockey rink down the street when she was mayor of Wasilla? What about the trip to New York with her family on per diem? And what about charging Alaska for per diem when she was staying at home? Is that ethical? It might be legal, but is it ethical?

  5. macameron

    HILLARY Clinton is planning to run for President.

    If Abama doesn’t run you can be sure that HILLARY Clinton WILL win. Sarah Palin is an amateur compared to HILLARY.

    Sarah go home and get your life together. So many legal problems that you have to face.
    Get your kids back in school where they should be. Look after your baby, he needs you. He needs you and you are just passing him around everywhere you go. It’s not right.

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