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Fake Flyer in Virginia Tells Dems to Vote Nov. 5

With less than a week to go before voters are expected to head to the polls in record numbers, a bogus flyer directing Republicans to vote Nov. 4 and Democrats to vote Nov. 5 has surfaced in Virginia (Read Here)

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Earth As Viewed by ChandraYaan

The Terrain Mapping camera (TMC) on board Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft was successfully operated on October 29, 2008 through a series of commands issued from the Spacecraft Control Centre of ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) at Bangalore

The first imagery (Chandrayaan 1) taken at 8:00 am IST from a height of 9,000 km shows the Northern coast of Australia while the other (Chandrayaan 2) taken at 12:30 pm from a height of 70,000 km shows Australia’s Southern Coast.

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Response to What Should I Have Done

This post is in response to What should have I done

–         Do you want to talk about Shiv Sena leaders who were named by the by the Srikrishna commission accused in the Mumbai riots of 93?

–         Bal Thackeray who was accused of inciting communal violence with his writings?

–         Or should we talk about the Telgi case which originated in Maharashtra (with the help of a few ministers from maharashtra) which cost the Indian economy 32000 Cr

–         Why would a person so passionate about his home state make a statement  “If Raj is arrested, entire Maharashtra be set on fire”

–         Should we talk about the brutal rape and murder of a Dalit family in Maharashtra?

–         Your so called “Hindi Based Bollywood” is the sole reason why non Hindi speaking Maharastrain’s are getting jobs which they wont get in “Marathi Speaking Film Industry”


This can go on and on without ever stopping. The point is MNS actions cannot be justified. If you believe killing of people in Maharashtra is the right solution then I have nothing to say to you

Put Country First

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What Can I Do

“What can I do? I have sent a strong letter to the Chief Minister.”

This is what our honorable prime minister said when allies and party leaders cornered him on MNS issue.

Sir , What should we do when

1. MNS workers kill a shopkeeper when he simply refused to down shutters.

2. When a UP youth was killed just a fight over window seat.

3. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena  attacks north Indian candidates appearing for a railway recruitment examination citing inadequate representation to locals in the exam.

4. When a citizens fundamental right is challenged by MNS.

5. A senior journalist from Uttar Pradesh is brutally beaten by supporters of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena just because he wanted to report on MNS workers abusing and attacking a settlement of people from north India.

Should we also send strong letters to the Chief Minister?

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Joe The Plumber – Missing in Action

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Follow up to “Da Vinci Code” – Exclusive Trailer

Angels and Demons Trailer

Release date  15th May 09

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Mccains Brain – Cindy & The View

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