Zardari Flirting with Palin?

Mr Zardari described Republican vice presedential candidate Palin as “Gorgeous” . “You look so gorgeous. Now, I know why the whole of America is crazy about you,” Zardari said, while receiving Palin, also the Governor of Alaska, at the Millenium  Hotel in New York.”You are so nice,” 44-year-old Palin, a former Miss Wasilla runner up in Alaska beauty pageant, told Zardari, husband of slain former Pakistani Premier Benazir Bhutto.An aide of Zardari then told the two to keep shaking hands for the cameras.”I’m supposed to pose again,” said Palin, who has energised the Republican Presidential nominee John McCain’s camp.”If he’s (aide) insisting, I might hug,” 53-year-old Zardari replied, for which Palin smiled politely in response.




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4 responses to “Zardari Flirting with Palin?

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  2. Nasir

    we feel abash for our president plundering attitude. Whole the nation is on the verge of destruction and financial turmoil and he is behaving in childish manner. I feel ashamed, how the people around the world would think about us, they might be thinking if the president of the country don’t have any etiquette than how would be the general Pakistani.

    come on playboy Zardari you don’t deserve that honorable post.

  3. New Yorker

    Atleast he is being candid about his feelings….I even saw some saliva dripping…

  4. arun

    i thougt pakistanis were honourable in their behaviour
    but zardari changed my view. HOW did u guys select him look at our manmohan he will teach you to behave gracefully
    coming from islamic society and pressing palins hand as if doing foreplay is some thing absurd i pity with u for choosing this guy as president

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