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Politicians will do anything to stay in power

Vassundra Raje (Rajasthan Chief Minister) today announced that  if re-elected she will provide free education for all in government schools till class 12th.  Congress on the other hand implemented the reservation system in India (which i personally believe is against growth).

The DMK promised a free television set to every family (state population of more than  62 million) . They also  promised “quality rice” at two rupees (less than a cent) a KG. Things became even more crazier when they promised free gas stoves, computer training and electricity (to farmers and weavers). The landless are being promised two acres of land.

On the other hand Chandra Babu Naidu (a politician from Andhra Pradesh)promised 13-hour-free electricity supply to farmers, against the supply of seven hours now. He promised free Mangal Sutra for prospective brides , free LPG cylinders and for unemployed youth Rs 1000. For boys and girls studying in high school, he promised to revive the free cycle scheme.

Will all this be sufficiant to get people out of poverty? Rather than promising TV they should promise electricity. 

Where do we draw the line between pragmatism and populism? In the next elections , our politicians might promise free house , car or even GOLD.

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Pakistan – As you sow so shall you reap

Since Pakistan’s independence in 1947, a central goal of Pakistani governments has been bringing an end to India’s political control of the Muslim-dominated Kashmir region of India’s Jammu and Kashmir state . To achieve this they had gone to the extent of training terrorists , spread hatred . Has this strategy worked? Definitely No. 

Inflation has  hit a 30 year high(25.33%) and Zardari was recently looking for cash lifeline from the US . Foreign exchange reserves fell to $8.89 billion as of September 3, down from $9.13 billion on August 30. The central bank’s reserves shrunk to $5.5 billion from $5.76 billion . With missile strikes from the outside and terrorist’s bombing from the inside  , Pakistan is in a mess.

Rather than focusing on internal issues , their leaders are still focusing on Jammu and Kashmir , though they are showing a different face to the world.  Today common man in  pakistan still supports terrorism and Pakistan is home to many Islamist extremists, some with links to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.
Author of “DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM” , Syed Jamaluddin is an active writer on issues concerning Pakistan’s involvement in various terrorist activities in the South Asian region. He liaised with political and religious parties of Pakistan as well as Government agencies. “DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM” is Syed Jamaluddin’s vision to address issues related to combatting terrorism emanating from Pakistan which have dramatically transformed the entire region into a systematically controlled network having vicious effects to the grobal peace
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Perhaps this is one option US should consider in its fight against terrorism.

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