Metamaterials – Privacy at stake ?

Have you heard of the term “metamaterial”? It is considered to be an emerging technology that has the potential to change the way we live today. Although the first metamaterial was developed in the late 1940’s , recently researchers in the UK and US put forward a blueprint for building a cloaking device. Light as we know can be either reflected(mirror) or transmitted (see through glass). What meta material does is bend light around in unexpected directions . In simple terms ” Things made out of metamaterial can make you invisible”. Sounds interesting? , think again. 

We could very well have invisisbility cloaks to make the wearer invisible and snooping around. Or government keeping a watch on whatever you do in your daily life by clocking listening devices , cameras in public (or maybe private places). Security agencies all over are already spying on internet users LEGALLY in the name of safety (which is a different debate all togather). 

Maybe its time we start discussing about it.


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