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Top 5 Iphone apps

1.  Shazam  : If you love music , download this app. This music discovery engine will identify almost any song in seconds and send you the result .  You have the option of either buying the song on itunes or watch it for free on Youtube. (Free app). “It has the potential to change how people discover and buy music.”

Matt Rosoff, Digital Noise

2. Air Sharing (by Avatron Software) : This is a must have application if you wish to take your documents wherever you go. The installation is pretty simple and it works with almost all available formats. (Free for now) 

3. Spore (Origins) : Named as the ” best PC game ” at a recent convention , EA got it right about evolution.This game puts Apple’s motion sensor accelorometer to the test. Though priced at $9.99 , its worth it.

4. Trailers Lite:  A must have app if you love watching movie trailers . Pros: High quality trailers , poster flow , preloaded with 50 trailers and updates itself. Cons: Can only be used over WiFi. Alternatively you may also want to try this new app called “Movies”

5. Aurora Feint : Its the first strategy game that i am addicted to. The best part – Its free.

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“Today, President Bush announced a new national goal to stop the growth in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2025”  – Source Whitehouse.gov

 Does that mean, we can abuse our environment for 16 more years? I dont think so.

There are opinions on the significance of global warming and if, in fact, it even exists. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and for every message  published by some scientific institute , there is a counter view given by someone else. All UN does is submit report after report on the effects of global warming. United States is the only developed country that has not ratified the treaty and is one of the significant greenhouse gas emitters. China and India  have no obligation beyond monitoring and reporting emissions.

No matter what path our goverment chooses , we must understand that this is a  global issue. No single person can reverse the effects of global warming but togather we can solve it. By using energy-efficient products at home and at work, we can significantly reduce our greenhouse gas .

Join wecansolveit.org. We are already a million strong .

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MNS – Navnirman or Jeena Haram?

Disclaimer: The above and below texts are an expression of my right of free speech

What MNS has today achieved is divide India based on ethnicity. This is altogather new approach by a political party to get into limelight. We have heard parties dividing Indians based on caste , relegion . But is something new.

Whenever i see an “activist” of our political parties , who is cheerfully grabbing any excuse to commit mayhem. I say to myself “There goes my vote”. What this does is also makes me a firm believer in “Amount of tax one pays should be directly proportional to the number of Votes he/she gets to cast” Philosophy. What this means is that if you pay Rs 10,000 as tax , you should be able to cast 10,000 votes.  Though this makes people like TATA’s , Birla’s , Ambani’s omnipotent, it also assures these so called “leaders” from MNS are not catapulted into power by playing such cheap politics.

Though some would argue that it is unfair to the guy who is not paying any tax , i would only say that these politicians have never cared about the guy on the street and they never will.


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